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Movimento Artistico Epigenetica present: @Valentinaborgiotti

Founder Movimento Artistico Epigenetica

Grandson of Mario Borgiotti, precursor of the Tuscan Macchiaioli movement, a confrontation with which he has never stopped, she is Art Director, designer and creator of furniture lines and sets for children, freelance in the film industry.

He attended the Art Institute and the European Design Institute, starting his career in advertising agencies as a graphic designer at a young age, alongside important masters such as Luca Maria Patella, Rosa Foschi and Giovanni Albanese. I grew up as an Art Director in particular with Ricograph where I also had an entrepreneurial experience following important campaigns for example for ACEA and Centrale del Latte. With the desire to expand, I created my own brand, “Mamy Blue”, a design for children following a commercial production activity that took me away from artistic research for a while. I then went back to immerse myself in art by tying it to the social, for example with the project of the “Castle of Dreams” for the Bambin Gesù Hospital in Palidoro, near Rome, for which I made a rendering of a playroom dressed in light, video mapping, vinyl and digital scenographies, alongside, and collaborating with medical researchers (Human Labs).