Bio/Pablo Zapata Film Director

IG: @pd_zapata
web: mail: Spotify: PD Zapata


Film Director, Musician & Multimedia Artist from Venezuela.

He studied Arts and Film at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. His cinematographic work has been exhibited and awarded in numerous festivals around the world such as the Osaka International Film Festival, Solaris International Film Festival, International Symbolic Film Festival, Buenos Aires International Film Festival, Human Rights International Festival of Buenos Aires, Miami Industry Boost Competition, Rural Film Festival Arica Nativa, Nottingham International Microfilm, among others.

For several years he has worked as a Human Rights Volunteer in Venezuelan Prisons as a filmmaker and Instructor of Penitentiary Film through the Waleker Cineclub, directed by the well-known documentary filmmaker and social worker Livia Montes. He attended film workshops dictated by filmmaker Manuel de Pedro, the French documentalist François Caillat and acclaimed filmmakers Werner Herzog and David Lynch.



Animated Short Film (Venezuela, 2004)


Fiction Micro Film (Venezuela, 2014)


Experimental Short Film (Argentina, 2015)


Fiction Short Film (Argentina, 2016)


Experimental Short Film (Argentina, 2017)


Animated Short Film (Argentina, 2017)


Fiction Short Film (Venezuela – Argentina, 2020)
Pablo Zapata / Film Director & Musician +54 9 11 6217 28 63 /


Nice, France, 2021.

OFFICIAL SELECTION Osaka International Film Festival. El Hijo. Osaka, Japan, 2021.

WINNER Foreign and Animation Short Film, Roshani International Film Festival RIFF. El Hijo. Aurangabad, India, 2021.

OFFICIAL SELECTION International Symbolic Art & Film Festival ISAFF. El Hijo. Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2021.

WINNER Outstanding Achievement Award, Tagore International Film Festival TIFF. El Hijo. West Bengal, India. 2021.

OFFICIAL SELECTION Buenos Aires International Film Festival. El Hijo. Buenos Aires-Argentina & Madrid-Spain, 2021.

JURY AWARD WINNER Best International Short film, Golden Sparrow GSIFF. El Hijo. Tamil Nadu, India. 2021.

OFFICIAL SELECTION VI Festival Video nodoCCS 2020. Half/Life. Kristiansand Norway, 2020.

OFFICIAL SELECTION Bogotá Experimental Film Festival. Yo, Piel. Bogotá Colombia, 2020.

OFFICIAL SELECTION The Lift-Off Sessions. Time is Homeland (Music Video). Pinewood Studios, UK. 2020

OFFICIAL SELECTION 17o Buenos Aires International Human Rights Film Festival. Half/Life. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017.

MENTION Experimental Short Film, Festival Baruta de Película. Half/Life. Caracas, Venezuela, 2017.

FINALIST Industry Boost Competition. Half/Life. Miami-Florida, EE.UU, 2017.

OFFICIAL SELECTION Retransmisión 2a Muestra de Cine y video Independiente. Half/Life. D.F., México, 2017.

1o PRYZE Festival de Cine Rural Arica Nativa. Memory of Diving Bell. Directed by Pablo Zapata & Guadalupe Gómez Verdi. Arica, Chile, 2016.

OFFICIAL SELECTION Kinosmena International Short Film Festival. Memory of Diving Bell. Minsk, Belarus, 2016.

OFFICIAL SELECTION Post Mortem International Horror & Bizarre FF. REM_01. Aguascalientes, México, 2016.

OFFICIAL SELECTION Nottingham International Microfilm. The Circumcision. Nottingham, UK, 2015.
Pablo Zapata / Film Director & Musician +54 9 11 6217 28 63 /

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